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This collection represents twelve years of exceptionally fine furniture

Joe about his wood selection, "The natural formations I get to be close to and design with are my main inspirations. The color, grain & texture are building blocks in my pieces as much as the object itself."

Joe likes to be influenced and informed by the past, while dreaming and forming the future, classical resonances expressed through modern sensibility.

Born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1952, Joe has appeared in "Fine WoodWorking" and "Art Maui", among his favorite collectors are Pete & Judy Siracusa, Sam & Kari Hagar and Loren & Patricia Adams

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Joe's Rocker  

Limited Edition of 12 Rockers

3 are available at $5,600.00
please allow 4-6 months for delivery

"I've been intimately involved with wood for almost twenty years. In that time, I've developed a style of work, that although not outlandish, is unique and my own. First and foremost, I love the material itself. To me, nothing is a more generous offering of natures' beauty than the incredible , totally unpredictible patterns, to know them personally, to arrange them in furniture, to bring out their best - this is one of the deepest satisfactions I derive from furniture making. To conceive of designs that are not only valid and pleasing in a purely sculptural sense, but are also in harmony with the material is one of my primary goals. Objects that are created with reverence and love for their component materials gain an eloquence that could never be acheived in a production setting. The individual attention I give to each of my pieces is apparent in their aura, their presence - that indescribable something that sets them apart, that rewards the user in an intangible way. It is this that I am most interested in expressing through my work - that unique vibration that comes from the artful combination of human design and form with one of natures' most visually exciting raw materials - WOOD" Joe Schmeeckle

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