Jacque Hamilton
Fine Art by Candlelight
Jacque (pronounced) Jackie, began her venture into the Art world in 1968, when as Jacquelyn Barron she toured the US with a group of fine art professionals, showing their works at various venues, arranged by tour managers. Collectors as well as fellow artists, viewed her talent as above the ordinary. There is a unique quality to her paintings, rendered in oil on canvas, that make them easily recognized.
Many of her works capture the fragile beauty of a single rose and other objects, in the warm glow of candle or lamp light.You see the perfection of sparkling crystal or the detailed sculpture of a beautiful porcelain statue. Her feeling for beauty, combined with the fine brushwork, is reminiscent of the old masters.
Jacque is self taught, with an appreciation of her abilities as a God given gift, and works diligently to reflect this in her paintings. The candle flame which seems to actually burn, is a reminder of the giver of the greatest gift over two-thousand years ago.
In nineteen-seventy three, on one of her journeys back to her home town, Boise Idaho, she renewed an acquaintance with a childhood friend, Andrew Hamilton, whom she then married, adding the name Hamilton to the signature on her paintings.
They stayed in Boise and placed her works in a gallery where they were well received. Andy learned the art of frame making and made many of the frames which complement her paintings.
In nineteen-eighty-eight they moved to California where she continued to show and sell her works. The most intricate detail in these paintings captivate the eye causing one to linger and study each composition, many of which are hanging in homes and offices throughout the United States. After their tour of loving duty in California, in two-thousand they returned to their home in Idaho.